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NOTE: Compound Network Presale is strictly base on first come, fisrt served basis. No token was assigned to friends and family; Nor special investors. Everybody have a fair chance. Get yours without delay becasue of high demands and limited supply available for Presale and Airdrop.

Compound Network Presale and Airdrop can end in a very short period, Listing on Major Exchanges will follow Immediately.
The countdown above is formality, Will not be followed if the tokens assigned to Presale and Airdrop are exhausted.

About Compound Network(COMPN)

Compound Network is a fork of Compound Protocol (Compound) technology, an algorithmic, autonomous interest rate protocol built for developers, to unlock a universe of open financial applications.

For instance, when users deposit, the platform will automatically allocate user funds to the recent consensus with the massive revenue, and provide users an inscription In order to verify the ownership and incomes of Compound Network token.

The platform enable users to withdraw their initial deposited tokens and income via Compound network Token(COMPN) which can also be exchange to any cryptocurrency.

Airdrop Join Presale

BEP20 Contract:

Network: Binance Smart Chain

Contract Address: 0xa9d7cfe919450dd9b038eccacc11ab53d81059b1

Token Symbol: COMPN

Token Name: Compound Network

Decimals: 8

Sales Token Allocated

The total supply is 95,000,000 COMPN and Initial circulating is 10,000,000 COMPN. Total number of 2,500,000 COMPN will be airdrop to Compound Network Community.

50,000,000 COMPN will be burn in fourth Quarter 2021. 20,000,000 COMPN will be use to fuel Compound network Ecosystem.
20,000,000 COMPN will be used for Project Development.

Presale is allocated 7,500,000 COMPN.

How To Buy Compound Network Token(COMPN)

Firstly; Add Compound Network(COMPN) as a Custom Token on your wallet, and then Send BNB(Smart Chain) from your personal wallet address to the Presale address provided on this platform.

Compound Network(COMPN) equivalent will be automatically send to your wallet address, once your transaction is confirmed on binance smart chain.

Presale & Distribution Rules

PreSale is allocated 7,500,000 COMPN

Presale Price: $0.15

1BNB = 50,000 COMPN

The distribution of COMPN will be based on first come, first served. Endeavour to participate in the presale without delay.


Total supply is 95,000,000 COMPN.

2,500,000 COMPN for airdrop.

7,500,000 COMPN for presale.

20,000,000 COMPN for Project Development.

20,000,000 COMPN will be used to fuel Compound Network Ecosystem.

45,000,000 COMPN will be burn in fourth quarter 2021.

Why Compound Network (COMPN)

Competitive Benefit

Safe & Secure
Easy Payment
Daily Cash Outs
Smart Application
Road Map

Compound Network

Compound Network App

Mobile App Soon

Compound Network APPs will be build for easier access to decentralized wallets, defi, and to reduce the stress of operating the platform.

Compound Network APPs brings Yield data, Protected decentralized wallet, Unlimited scalability, and smoothness on Defi aggregator.